Monday, January 19, 2009


Wake by Lisa McMann

What was this book about?

Janie has a secret. Ever since she was a young girl she has been able to (or more like forced to) jump into people’s dreams. It is a scary dream world out there and having to live people’s worst nightmares can make it difficult for any teen. She will do anything to keep her secret a secret.

When she meets Cabel she wants to know more about him. But he has his own secrets to keep.

Can Janie figure out a way to live her life with this “talent”? Is there any way she can control it?

What did you think about the book?

First I have to give major accolades to anyone who includes the University of Michigan in their books. I went there. I love it there – and if you cut me I would probably bleed maize and blue. So for me though U-M played a very minor role – I liked that about it.

Normally I don’t enjoy books that are what I call “jumpy”. That they move from thing to thing with short cut scenes. But for some reason (probably the subject of the book) this was fine in this one. I actually don’t know how else you would accomplish the story telling without making it much longer then it needed to be.

So I liked the book. The idea that people dream a lot about things that are bothering them or are symbolic I don’t really know. Many of my dreams make absolutely no sense and are not about any sort of traumatic thing that happened to me (or anything that I wish would happen). I am definitely waiting for “Fade” the next book in the series and will read that one as well.

What genre would you consider this?



Question for You!

What do you dream about?

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Book Maniac said...

I don't normally comment on my own questions - but it is funny that this book is posting today. I had the oddest and creepiest dream last night.

For some reason everyone I knew was getting slaughtered.

I wonder if it is a sign I need to stop reading scary books. The funniest thing is that I read nothing but "feel good" books all weekend.