Saturday, August 15, 2009

Book Review: Stakes & Stilettos

Stakes & Stilettos by Michelle Rowan

Description:What else does an undead girl want to do but go back to her high school reunion. But like any girl - she doesn't remember totally what high school is all about. It is way more than just fun and friendship - there might be trouble there.

The Red Devil has returned as well. The vampire legend has him as someone who helps vampires - and he has been helping Sarah. So that means he can not be evil -right? But what does he really want?

Sarah wants the time to be a normal vampire girl. And focus on the fact that her 600 year old boyfriend is already married (don't tell her parents they won't understand). Can everything work out for these star crossed lovers?

I appreciated the class reunion feel in this book. I didn't return for my 10 year reunion - but that was because I went to my 5 year one and had enough for a while. Besides the people I truely wanted to see weren't going either. But I learned a lesson that I found to be helpful at my 5 year reunion. If I had been drunk in high school - I would have liked a lot more people a lot more. As in everyone has their past and people they hurt. Whether you are the cheerleader or the geek - somewhere out there is someone you hurt and you may not remember it. And you may have good reasons. But you affected their lives.

The Red Devil twist was something that just helped the plot move along. It was interesting but again not life changing in my reading tastes - which is why it only gets a 4.

What genre would you consider this?


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