Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Book Review: City of Glass

City of Glass by Cassandra Clare (The Mortal Instruments)

Description: Clary has found out that her mother and her life isn't what she always believed it to be. She is a Shadowhunter with a special power. She can create new ruins with her stele. This allows her to fight the evil man that has put her mother in a coma and is trying to distroy the world - her father.

Her father started out being a good person but when his first child was born he changed. He became evil. And he took his son with him. Jace has always believed that he is evil and he is doing all he can to not be like that. Add to that his attraction for his newly found sister Clary and he can't help but thing that there is a possiblity that he cannot be good.

Valentine is now ready to declare war on all of the Glass City. The Shadowhunters cannot stop him by themselves. Can they trust Clary and Jace? What about the werewolves, vampires, and warlocks? Can they all learn to work together before Valentine wipes them all out?

Thoughts: I enjoyed this series when it first started out. I had no idea it was only going to be a trilogy - until I got to this book. Personally I would have liked to see it go on a little longer (because I both liked the series as well as because I thought there was so much thrown into the last book that I feel like things may have been a little rushed).

Overall though the series was a good series and I would recommend any of the other books as well - City of Ashes and City of Bones though it really is one of those series that I recommend starting at the beginning.

I don't want to ruin anything but I really started to wonder in this book about the relationship between Jace and Clary. I really didn't think at any point in this book that they could be brother and sister like we were led to believe. I mean they scream - soul mates. Some may feel that the way this ended was a good thing while others may feel like the ending in that particular matter was a bit of a cop out.

As a quick note - even though I think that it is almost nothing like the Harry Potter series, something about this last book reminded me of it. Maybe it was the big battle, maybe it was the evil guy, I just don't know - but it was interesting.

Another thing that I thought a good thing in this book is while it is definitely aimed at teens - other then violence there really is no sex or any sort of act that would be inappropriate. I even loved the way they inserted (even earlier in the series) a gay character who had to come out to his parents. Everyone felt the same about him- even though it was a hard and courageous thing to do.

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Marg said...

I just recently read the first book in this trilogy and I really, really enjoyed it! CAn't wait to read the next books.