Monday, August 10, 2009

Book Review: Curse the Dawn

Curse the Dawn by Karen Chance

Description: Cassie Palmer is Pythia. That should bring power and rewards. Instead it brings death threat after death threat. The Council that should be accepting her is upset that she isn't under their power. The god that created Pythia's is mad at her and wants his power back (and to destroy the world). And Cassie doesn't know what to do with her power. What is she to do.

Cassie must learn to take her power under control and do soemthing with it if she wants to survive let alone survive until the end of the day.

Thoughts: This book has a very different tone then another book I read recently but it had the same problem. I like the series. But the book just didn't move forward enough for me. Am I asking to much? It isn't so bad (like some books I have read) where I feel like someone was pushing the author to make something so they did and no one is really happy with it. They are interesting, they progress the story forward, but there isn't enough meat in the story to make me happy. And while with some books it is because I feel like I am demanding (and that is why I want more) - I feel it is just that sometimes there are books that have to be more filler then meat - and that is so that when they get to the next book all the details have been set for something spectacular. Maybe I am being optimistic.

Cassie does confront Apollo. There is a lot going on in terms of little plots. But there is so much going on there is no big focus of the story.

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