Saturday, August 8, 2009

The Well-Read Commuter Reviews The Way Home

The Way Home
By: George Pelecanos
Narrated By: Dion Graham

What this book is about: Chris Flynn has been working hard to turn his life around. He is in love with a good woman, he works for his father’s business and he is getting his life and his strained relationship with his father back on track after a troubled youth. The fragile peace that he has been working for is threatened when Chris and a friend from his past find a large stash of cash.

Did you like this book: Delving into the subjects of redemption, youth rehabilitation, and complex family relationships this was a fast moving, interesting book with well developed characters and solid writing from start to finish. Pelecanos was called by Stephen King, “perhaps the greatest living American crime writer.” This was my first Pelecanos book and he is great. Pelecanos kept the story edgy, relevant and witty without getting too gory or too “CSI”. The story moves right along which makes the audio version a great road trip book. Dion Graham’s deep soulful voice

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Luanne said...

I'm 1/2 way through listening to this - it's my first Pelecanos as well. Good gritty story