Thursday, April 24, 2008

Blue Bloods

Blue Bloods by Melissa de la Cruz (Blue Bloods Book 1)

What was this book about?
New York City has a history that spans centuries. It contains old families with money who interact with each other through years. But some of these families hold secrets beyond wealth, adultery, and power – they hold a secret of blood, past lives and more. Schuyler Van Alen has never fit in to any group in her high school. She is surrounded by people like Mimi and Jack Frost, who have always been popular with no effort.

One of her schoolmates is found dead, and mystery surrounds the event. How was a Blue Blood killed? Is Schuyler and her friends in danger?

What was your favorite part about this book?
The history of the Blue Bloods and the reason for them being vampires is something new and interesting. Especially since it can be tied into the past –Plymouth, Roanoke etc.

What was your least favorite part about this book?
The relationship between siblings is a bit twisted. In some ways it makes sense, but in others it is just odd.

What genre would you consider this?


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