Sunday, April 20, 2008

Simply Perfect

Simply Perfect by Mary Balogh

What was this book about?
Claudia Martin has made much of herself in a time when women had a hard time being anything other then a wife and mother. She is the headmistress and owner of girls school Miss Martin’s School for Girl’s. Over time she has seen many of her students and teachers move on to bigger and better things. During one of her trips to placing her girls as governesses, she is accompanied by friend of one of her old teachers – Joseph, Marquess of Attingsborough. Claudia has a past with nobility thinking they are better then other people and definitely has a chip on her shoulder when it comes to Joseph. Joseph needs her help with something though, and once she finds out what she can’t help but see he really is a wonderful person.

What was your favorite part about this book?
My favorite part was the little girl that is in it. She is totally an adorable character that helps bring Joseph and Claudia together.

What was your least favorite part about this book?
I really found it offputting that Mary Balogh kept mentioning “Simply perfect” several times in the novel. I don’t need to be told how the title was decided upon, let alone more than once.

What genre would you consider this?
Historical romance

Overall: B, generally enjoyable and I wish I remembered more about the previous books that I had read as the characters have a repeat performance in this novel.

If I was to nominate this book for an award it would be:
Best Book that shows you don’t have to be 20 to be a heroine in a historical romance.

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