Monday, October 13, 2008

Call for action - Something Special for Halloween

Well it is getting to be that time in October that we all get in the mood for Halloween. And I am ready for it!

As you can tell I read a lot of different kinds of books, and definitely seem to spend a lot of time reading about the supernatural and paranormal. But I need some suggestions on what I can read that will put me in the Halloween spirit!

So what do you think would be a great end of October read for me?

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Anonymous said...

Hi :)

I'd like to suggest reading 'Frankenstein' By Mary Shelley to get you into the Halloween Spirit!
I'm probably going to feature 'Frankenstein' on my blog later on this month as a 'Friday's Find'.
Thanks for dropping by my blog:
Book Reviews By Bobbie

I like your blog and I've added it to my blogroll!

Bobbie Crawford-McCoy