Monday, October 6, 2008

Mommy Tracked

Mommy Tracked by Whitney Gaskell

What was this book about?

Four mom’s each with a different perspective on their lives and a desire to have more of what someone else has.

Anna, is a divorced mother of a two year old boy. Her relationship with her ex is iffy at most considering they only got married because she was pregnant. She is trying to be a career mom and doesn’t know if she really is ready to date again. Is she?

Chloe is new to the group and suffers from anxiety of not being good enough. She is just about to have her first child and has expectations for how this is going to affect her life (and her husbands life) can they live up to all these expectations?

Juliet is a lawyer who is desperate to become partner. And she has twin girls who have had a “stay at home daddy” their whole lives. This switch on the conventional stay at home mom/dad works is starting to cause havoc in their lives. Is having a high powered and time consuming career more important then seeing her childrens’ firsts. Or is it more of a problem with being the moneymaker when dealing with her husband.

Grace is a stay at home mother who is great at it. She knows it – her three children love her and she dedicates her life to them. But she can’t help but feel insecure about her relationship with them and her husband. Is she good enough, thin enough? She sure doesn’t think so and can’t help but compare herself to everyone. That probably isn’t a good thing for anyone.

What did you think about the book?

I really liked this book being told from a perspective of many different kinds of roles that mothers take. Being a parent isn’t always what you think it will be. Let alone trying to juggle being a parent with your relationship with your husband or boyfriend. It is a tough road.

At the same time there are all sorts of rewards – which is why people do it. And I felt this non-judgemental book showed many of them. The author doesn’t try to make it seem like one mother is doing a better job then the other because of the choices that she made to work/not work. She just shows the emotional pitfalls in each of them.

I would feel honored to be friends with this group of four women. They are just my style.

What genre would you consider this?

Women, Motherhood


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