Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Magic and the Modern Girl

Magic and the Modern Girl by Mindy Klasky

What was this book about?

Jane Madison part time librarian and part time witch is back. Jane has been busy with her life. Her mother is back in town, her grandmother is getting married again, and of course there is her job. So what if she has forgotten to use her powers? She doesn’t realize what can happen when you do that until it is too late. She must use her powers and recapture what she had. But can something go terribly wrong with her spell?

It doesn’t help that Neko her familiar has left to live with his boyfriend. Her best friend seems to have found love (and even Jane has someone special in her life). And her warder wants nothing to do with her (or her with him).

Can she get her powers back in time? Or will it be too late to save herself and the people she loves?

What did you think about the book?

What a week for another book in a series that I love. I really enjoyed the other books about Jane Madison, who didn’t know she was a witch until later in her life. Now she is powerful and has to train herself to use it properly.

I liked the book but was a little sad that she had lost her powers, but there is no way that I believed that she would lose them permanently. So really it was just a matter of getting them back. I think the side plot with a new “love of her life” kinda took things in a weird direction. There is a creature you created reeking havoc on the world and you don’t focus on stopping her? Not to mention your best friend is going to be lost to you? Yes, you slept with someone you shouldn’t and now have to deal with it but still!

But in all – I liked how it ended and can’t wait to see how Jane and David move forward with their relationship – after everything that happened.

What genre would you consider this?


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