Saturday, October 25, 2008

Overnight Male

Overnight Male by Elizabeth Bevarly

What was this book about?

Lila Monroe works for OPUS a governmental organization that has her finding another covert op who has gone off the grid (don’t I sound all sorts of smart with my spy description here?) Anyways she is partnered with geek and computer wizard Joel Faraday. She finds that Joel isn’t exactly what she thought he would be like.

They must go undercover as college students to find out who is working with Adrian Padgett in creating a crazy virus that could destroy all the computers of the world. But Lila realizes that this time being undercover isn’t as easy as it used to be. Can she fight her growing attraction for Joel?

What did you think about the book?

Lila is fun, flirty, and hard core about her job. She almost takes being a strong woman to extremes. Then there is the quintessential hot nerd – Joel – her partner. And of course they can’t help but being attracted to each other and she isn’t going to be attracted to a wimp so he has to be more then just a nerd.

I haven’t read any of Elizabeth Bevarly’s other books – but I am guessing this one fits right into the series. There were no problems hopping in somewhere in the middle of it all and catching up. It seems to almost be a separate book with characters that appear in the other novels.

I found the premise interesting – hot spy woman meets hot geek who is going to be her partner. They need to find a big bad guy and will go undercover to do it. SPOILER: But that is where some things started to fall apart just a little for me. I hadn’t seen the bad guy before but it was hard for me to see him falling for anyone and becoming a random nice guy. Not to mention the wedding scene where she figures out she loves him.

So what do I think. Is it a good book – yes. Great? Probably not. But it might be worth checking out another of the books to see how I liked that.

What genre would you consider this?
Contemporary Romance


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Sounds like a good one! I love your new amazon widget.