Monday, October 27, 2008

Deja Demon

Deja Demon by Julie Kenner

What was this book about?

Kate was the typical mom – two children (a toddler and a teen) – a wonderful second husband (because her first died from a mugging) – and of course a great best friend. And she had a secret second life. Kate had been raised by the church in a group called Fourza. She is a demon hunter. She had given it all up to raise her children a long time ago. But fate calls and she has returned to her passion of killing demons.

Her first husband has returned from the dead – in terms of he never really was dead – until the last book when she brought him back to life with the Lazarus Bones. She has to deal with the fact that her first love is still alive AND he is in another body. Her daughter and best friend have found out what she does and can’t wait to help her in whatever ways she needs to be helped. Lastly, her husband is completely clueless about what is going on around them.

Now there is a demon that is ready to come back with a full army of the undead and it seems that Kate has been prophesized to be the only one that can stop them. But can she stop them and keep her wonderful life?

What did you think about the book?

I have loved Julie Kenner’s books about the demon hunting soccer mom (ie the title of her first book in the series). The fact that the main character has this other life that is invading in her “I am going to be the perfect wife. I am going to be a perfect mother. I am going to be a great friend” world is fascinating.

Then throw in the paranormal twist and you have gold. Part of it is the fact that she has a very small child and a teenage child each pulling her in different directions. If you believed in demons and them taking over human bodies you might actually feel this book is what is going on in real life.

So while I was really excited to see another book in the series and see what was going to happen with Eric/David and Allie her teenage daughter, not to mention her husband who has no idea what is going on, Stuart, I didn’t get all I wanted from this book. I think part of it was I spent the entire book wishing she would just fess up to Stuart what was happening. I imagined he would think she was darn right crazy and feel threatened by the secrets – but half of her problem with balancing both worlds was the fact he just didn’t know. So I just wanted her to get it over with and tell him. Once that was done I felt like the story could move on.

I still really enjoyed the book – and thought it was a nice addition to the series – but now I want to see more!

What genre would you consider this?
Family, Demons, Paranormal


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