Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Violet by Design

Violet by Design by Melissa Walker

What was this book about?

Violet was discovered, became the “it” model of the New York Fashion Week and decided she really just wanted to quit. So she went home to relax. Meanwhile she gets an opportunity that she doesn’t think she can turn down – the Sao Paulo Fashion Week. I mean who wouldn’t want to go someplace like that?

So she goes. And gets back into that world she had left behind. She meets Paulo- designer extraordinaire who seems to have a thing for her. But is he true – or is he just using her. Her old roommate is back – Veronica – and finally healthy. She seems to realize that Violet is a friend and she should treat her like one. Wasn’t she the only one to stand by her back then?

But being a model is tough. Add to that a lot of criticism about Violet’s body. Is she too thin or not thin enough? What happens when you think you look good but everyone around you is telling you that you don’t? Is Violet willing to do anything to be a model this time around?

What did you think about the book?

So if you haven’t guessed there is a reason that I am having a “violet” week. And it is because I enjoyed every book in this series. I have to say with both this one and “Violet in Private” I was afraid I would not like it as much because she doesn’t want to model. But it really wasn’t a problem. (Especially in this one because well she decides to give modeling another try).

I also really appreciated the body issue talk. Every person has something about themselves that they would like to change. And it is true that in today’s society we put a lot of measure on people (especially models) being very skinny. And we all know that it is more important to be healthy then anything else.

And in the recent past we have encouraged designers to not use bulimic, aneroxicly skinny models. So they are doing their best to do so. But not always with the most sincere actions. Making a statement is not the same as acting.

I think that any girl who is a young adult would appreciate this series (in fact I am trying to think of every person I know that age that I can recommend it to). And I may not be a teen – but I enjoyed it as well!

What genre would you consider this?


Question for You!

Have you ever had body image issues? How did you find a way to live with them?


Brooke Reviews said...

I've always had body image issues. Having a sister that was always super thin never helped. I had to realize though, that I am my own person, and can't look like everyone else.:)

Amber said...

Yes, it is something I still struggle with, but I am learning to embrace my body for all of the amazing things it can do. My body is beautiful, a temple that I cherish! I am so lucky to have a healthy and functioning body - it is the greatest gift I have and I appreciate it.

Katie said...

I'm overweight, so I've been struggling with my body image for my entire life. But I'm working on loving it and taking better care of it. =]

Unknown said...

Oh Violet. She's after my own heart.

Katie said...

I've accepted my body and realize that no one is perfect. =]

Asylumgirl said...

I don't think I've ever truly dealt with body image issues. I still struggle daily with my body and how I feel about it.
I admire my niece though. She's always been on the plus side and it has never seemed to bother her. She is a beautiful girl and she has tons of self esteem. I just wish it came that easy for me.


Anonymous said...

I'm overweight and I've struggled for several years to lose that weight. I've only just realized that I've gained most of my weight because of the medication I take, so now I just try to eat right and not gain any more weight. There's nothing more that i can do.

Rachel R.

Diana Dang said...

I have body issues now as a teen. I find myself with extra weight on places that all women dread to have them in. I know I can be at my desired weight if I try but I'm just so lazy! It's unappealing. =(

thebluerose said...

I'm not exactly what you call the skinniest girl around. When you live in Miami, where every corner you turn, you'll see girls who have flat stomachs. In addition to this, I have, not one, but TWO sisters who are super skinny. It's hard to go shopping with them. Whenever we go to the mall, the outfits they find are usually too big for them, and there isn't a smaller size. And it gets even worse when you have a brother who says you're fat.

This always made me feel like the fat ugly duckling. I refuse to be anorexia. I find that disgusting, but I want to lose weight. In time, I learned that I should love my lifebody, no matter how it looks. But yes, I should still exercise because it's healthy to. I've had the help of a special friend of mine. She, in a way, taught me how to not care about what that little voice in my head was telling me. And that I shouldn't look at skinny girls and wish that I was as skinny as them. It helped a lot. =)

Thao said...

Back then I always felt like I'm not thin enough no matter what people say. I didn't love my body to be honest. Just a few weeks ago I started to jog everyday and it helped a lot. I don't know how much weight I've lost, but I'm really comfortable with my body now and somehow more confident.

katayoun said...

the violet series really look like must reads!

katayoun said...

i've always been kind of not thin and yet i don't remember ever worrying too much about it, i was always too busy doing something and having fun and anyway that's the way i am and i really can't change it, so i suppose i had body issues as really my body could have done with some major haul over but not body image issues, as well i never thought the image was that important or said anything about real me

Paradox said...

The cover of Violet by Design is my favorite of the series!!! I just love the mixture of the orange and the magenta. And I want to read it badly!