Saturday, March 21, 2009

Family Plots: Love Death & Tax Evasion

Family Plots: Love Death & Tax Evasion by Mary Kavanaugh

Description: Mary Kavanaugh only wants a husband and father for her small child. When she reestablishes a friendship with an old friend and it turns romantic it seems like nothing can go wrong. But her husband has secrets – many secrets. Mary is a private investigator and should be used to secrets (and solving them). But for some reason she looks past many of the warning signs and ignores them.

Eventually she will realize that her world is full of tax evasion, shady characters, fake weddings (and fake names), and even hidden bank accounts. What do you do when the person you love isn’t honest with you?

Thoughts:I love that this book is a book that is filled with truths. This didn’t maybe happen exactly the same way – but there is a hint of truth in everything that happens.

You spend the entire book going – how did you not see this? But for many people they see only what they want to see. And for her she wanted to believe that her husband was an upstanding person.

I really wish I knew what was true, what wasn’t and what happened next. It is an exciting life that Mary lead.

This is a pretty unique book – I haven’t read many books that cover what she covers in the same way. She doesn’t hesitate to show that she was oblivious and making excuses for everything. I really enjoyed the interactions with the in-laws. They were just odd. But odd in a funny way!

What genre would you consider this?
Fictionalized Memoir


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