Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Guest Author: Kim Hanks Author of Save the Best for Last

Character inhabiting in my book are not me and not you

Sincerely, I have seen crime novelist creating ruthless characters. But these writers' are not killers that they're writing about their killing practices. And creating a top notch bandit in a book doesn't imply that the writer is best at what is written. So, this is the same case, I'm not in my book in any way because I don't think my life did anything inspiring the idea of Save the Best for Last.

In my epic fantasy novel, save the best for last. I created zwick living in a small town of green oasis. The first book and latest in the series of save the best for last and up to this time I live with all the characters in my book because they're real to me. I have seen Zwick suffering through the death of a stunning Whitney, he's reborn after the trial consequences, and become a hero of his town. From being a choking guy, he's found a new romantic beauty Rai at the same school.

Zwick's, a handsome young man whose decision to date Rai as it was the only way to erase memories of Whitney from his head. Rai studied along with Zwick and they were of great help to each other during school times. Rai was also facing several challenges and great danger because of what she was.

When I'm writing about these people, I get inside them and peer out through the eyes. This way I can write about what each one's wearing, seeing, feeling, hearing and pain. They are as significant to me as any of my relatives or friends. In fact, I know them better than anyone because I created them.

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