Thursday, March 26, 2009

What I did for Love

What I did for Love by Susan Elizabeth Phillips
Description: Georgie York was one of a famous teenage couple on TV. She was America’s good girl and they loved her for it. The years since have been hard on Georgie. She hasn’t become the actress that she always wanted to be – with big meaty roles. She was in a relationship with a very famous actor – but he just left her for another woman who saves the world (as well as having the parts that Georgie always wanted). Georgie is in a spiral and she can’t keep the paparazzi away from her.

Bramwell Separd was the other half of America’s favorite couple. He was a hard partying, womanizer when he was on the show and is the reason the show was cancelled. Georgie and Bram have never gotten along. When a night of drunkenness puts Bram and Georgie into a situation where they find themselves married –neither knows what to do. Staying married so as to not put their careers in further jeopardy might be the only choice.

Neither of them are the same people they were when they knew each other as teens. But what does that mean for their relationship?

For me the comparison between good girl married action movie star who leaves his wife to go off with a do-gooder actress actually made me compare it to real life stories. And that made everything a little more realistic.

I love the idea of a teenage golden couple who hated each other falling in love.

The acting world is portrayed wonderfully in this book. It isn’t all good parts. It is bad agents, overprotective parents, lies and paparazzi. But it is all told without getting too depressing.

I found this book to be really great. I love Susan Elizabeth Phillips,

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