Thursday, March 19, 2009

While My Sister Sleeps

While My Sister Sleeps by Babrara Delinsky
The perfect family. They work together, they have close relationships, all seems to be well. But for Molly Snow she lives in the shadow of her sister Robin. Robin is very likely to be an Olympic runner. Robin's life revolves around running and that leaves Molly out of the spotlight.

Disaster strikes and Robin has a heart attack while running. She is in a coma and they don't know that she will ever recover. What does that mean for the family that always lived Robin's running as well? What does that mean for a mother who loves her child so much and had a relationship for her more like a friend then a daughter? Where does that leave Molly - the daughter who always felt like she didn't belong - when she is the one who is left behind? What about the quiet brother, who is struggling to be a part of his own family - let alone deal with the problems that his sister is bringing?

Things that I think stuck out to me in this book:

This book is great! It brought out all sorts of emotion in me - which for me is a sign of a great book. There were tears and joy and that is spectacular.

I think in every family there are people who feel like they don't quite fit in. That they aren't what their parents wanted. They aren't best friends with their siblings. That something isn't quite right. But this book examines the fact that even some of the people you think truly belong - feel the same way.

The dynamics of a new father and his new wife are interesting. The fact that a relationship can be good - but needs to progress with communication is key. And that is highlighted in this book.

Lastly the idea of secrets. We all have secrets that we keep from someone. But eventually those secrets can come out. How do you deal with that? Do you confront the person? Does it change your relationship with them? All of this is dependent about how you feel - how you can handle things.

What genre would you consider this?
Family Dynamics



Alyce said...

I saw this one in the library today and really wanted to pick it up (but I'm too far behind on my other reading so I didn't).

Hudson said...

I just love to read your blog and get exciting book ideas to read. Keep up the great work....Mary Jo and Hudson