Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Interview with Alice from Too Tall Alice by Barbara Worton

Alice - how would you describe yourself?
Well, I'm a girl, but you know that. I'm tall, but not T-Rex or Empire State Building tall, just four inches taller than the other girls in my class. A lot of people--like my mom and dad and pediatrician--say that's okay. Well, grown-ups say that I'm not really tall, that it's nice to be tall and that the other kids will catch-up with me. Hmmm. When I'm standing in the back row for school pictures and Eddie and Timmy are standing next to me and making faces at me, I don't care if anyone catches up with me. I just want to be standing in the front row of the class with my friends. And anyway, what if the other kids don't catch up with me? What if I'm always tall? I don't know what that will be like. I'm only eight years old! There's one thing that I do know. I like being different--being me and the absolute best me that I can be. Anyway, everyone is different. Look at me. I have curly blondish hair and brown eyes. None of my friends look like me, but they're cool being exactly who they are.

What do you think you can teach other kids like yourself from your book?
I like being a kid, but it's not so easy. You have to work hard to do all your homework. Some kids at school make fun of you. There's this girl in my school who thinks she's the coolest girl in the world. She's always telling everyone that her clothes are the best and her house and her bike, that her dad and mom are smarter than everyone else's parents, and that she's going to grow up to be the prettiest girl in the world and be rich, rich, rich. I don't think she should be telling other people that they're not as good as her. That's wrong. Everyone is different, and it's fine being just who you are. I'm so happy that I learned to see, really see me and all the things I can be in my dream. 'Cause it's true. I'm cool--and so are you--and if we believe in ourselves we can do and be anything.

What would you like to tell all the people that make fun of you for being too tall?
I want to tell them that being too tall is okay, because it's me, and I'm just the right height for me. Still, it hurts when people say stuff like that, and sometimes when people make fun of me it makes me cry. One time, I almost made fun of a boy who called me bean pole and said I had skinny legs, but my mom told me that would have been wrong and would have made me very unhappy. My mom also said that it's not a good idea to make faces back at people like that either. Once I did tell my teacher about that boy. He's always picking on me. I just remember that my mom and dad and all my family and friends love me, and I love me. So, if you think you're too tall or think you're too short or whatever, you're you, and whatever that is, it's just perfect.

Are you going to get to be in another book in the future?
Oh, I hope so. Barbara Worton, my author, has another book about me almost written. I don't know how long it will take her and Dom--he's the guy who drew all the pictures--to finish. They are so busy, but I know they want to do this next book. They might like me even more than I like myself.

Was there anything you wanted to tell me - that I didn't ask you about?
I love my mom and dad. My favorite place to be is the beach. I love the ocean and the sun, but I always wear sunscreen. I have lots of favorite books. Red is my absolute favorite color. There's a girl who pops up on every page of my book. She has straight brown hair. Lots of people have been asking me who she is. I'd like to know who you think she is. You can send your answers to me at Just include "Too Tall Alice girl in picture" in the subject line. I'm going to have my own web site very soon--whenever Barbara and Dom finish writing and designing. I think it will be up and going real soon, then you'll be able to sign in and talk to me. That will be very cool.

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