Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Witch’s Grave

The Witch’s Grave (An Ophelia and Abbey Mystery) by Shirley Damsgaard

Description: Ophelia is just a good witch trying to recuperate from the last time something weird happened to her. She is trying to raise her new adopted daughter and maybe even meet a man. When she starts having dreams about a particular man and then she sees him – she wonders what their connection is. Is he her soul mate?

Unfortunately that question can’t be answered right away as he is shot! Ophelia (with the help of her grandmother Abbey) must figure out why he was almost murdered. Was the person after Ophelia instead? Are they after her now? A witch’s investigations are never done as Ophelia quickly learns!

Thoughts:Ophelia and Abbey’s relationship is fun and keeps you entertained. It is a relationship you can either identify with or say that you want.

While Ophelia gets herself into these situations it also seems like fate is playing a fun hand in getting her into trouble

This book touches a bit on the idea of soul mates and past lives. I actually found it really interesting. Righting wrongs and finding past loves in an appealing and possible way.

Ophelia and Abbey books are something that I will continue to enjoy and would pass on to anyone who loves mysteries with a twist.

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