Monday, March 2, 2009


Lifelines by CJ Lyons

What was this book about?

Lydia Fiore is starting her job as a new doctor in a Pittsburgh ER. She is ready to move on from her old life and grasp this new one in her hands. She couldn’t know that her first day there may be her last. Her patient dies. And it isn’t just some run of the mill patient but the son of the surgical head of the hospital. And he now blames Lydia.

Lydia needs to find out what really killed his son. It brings her in to a wirlwind of facts about the Son’s of Adam – an Aryan group and her patient.

Lydia is working on getting some new friends as well. Gina a resident who has had it all her whole life. Amanda who has a secret about what is going on with her health. Nora the charge nurse who doesn’t know where her relationship is going with one of the other doctors. Lydia is new but will these women embrace her as one of their own? What happens to them if they do?

What did you think about the book?

This book reminded me a lot of the TV show ER. Lots going on – tons of clamity – set in an ER/hospital setting. It was interesting and fast paced enough for me (though I wanted to find out what was up with Amanda).

I will definitely try the next book in the series. My advice to you is if you like hospital dramas you would like this book. If you think they are a little out of control in terms of going over the top – then this book is probably not for you. (Thankfully I like a little over the top)

What genre would you consider this?


Question for You!

What would you do if the thing you worked for your entire life was taken away from you – by some sort of circumstance you had no control over?

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