Tuesday, March 10, 2009

White Witch, Black Curse

White Witch Black Curse by Kim Harrison (Rachel Morgan Witch Series)

Description: Rachel Morgan is back with her pals - vampire Ivy and pixie Jinks. Over time Rachel has developed a reputation for being a black witch. The thing is - she isn't. She has just had to take on demon smut (and demon marks) to save herself and her friends. And there is nothing Rachel wants more - then to keep her friends safe and protected.

Kisten, her vampire lover, has died. She is distraught and so is Ivy. They both loveed him so much. Each wants to find his killer but is afraid of what they will find when they do find him. Rachel was there - but her grief made her insane and Jinks had to give her a forgetting spell just to have her calm down.

There is always that Rachel needs to be around to take care of. Besides finding Kisten's killer she is notified by the police that someone is hurting people. She needs to help with that. Add to it the complication of being demon, Al's servant and being attracted to a ghost, Pierce that she met when she was just a teenager and her life is complicated.

Thoughts: I honestly have the same thoughts I had with the last book I reviewed on this website that had to do with Rachel Morgan. The story is great. The problem is that I read them as soon as they come out and they rely so much on each other for the story. I feel like I am behind trying to catch up. It takes me such a long time to remember all the little subplots that are going on that make the story so great and I am halfway into the book before I get there.

The interaction between Rachel and Ivy is spectacular. They are friends, who one wants more, the other can't give more. They want to save each other from the world (Ivy - saving Rachel from all the bad things out there, and Rachel saving Ivy from dying and becoming something without a soul).

Add to that the complication of doing bad things for good reasons. Is there ever a good reason to do something bad? In Rachel's case you think so. In some ways it is a metaphor for life. You do bad things to save those you love. You do bad things because it helps with the pain. Sometimes a good thing can turn into a bad thing without you even knowing it.


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