Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Too Tall Alice

Too Tall Alice by Barbara Worton Illustrated by Dom Rodi

Description: Alice is only a little girl but she is a whole FOUR inches taller than everyone else in her class. It is hard for her! Everyone notices that she is different. What is a little girl to do about it?

Things that I think stuck out to me in this book:
• This is very much one of those in between books. For children who want to read – and read a lot of words but that still like books with pictures.
• I love the story in this book. I grew up the shortest girl in the class (don’t ask me about the time I was hung on a coat rack) – but one of my friends was the tallest girl in the class. She had a very hard time with the whole thing. Something like this may have made her feel like she was not alone in the world.

What genre would you consider this?
Children 7 -10


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