Friday, March 20, 2009

Star bright

Star bright by Catherine Anderson

Description: Lorraine Hall has had a horrible marriage. Her husband is manipulative and evil. He will do anything he can to kill her so that he can have her money. She has spent the last years in constant fear that he will beat her again – and he does – over and over again.

Rainie has figured out a way out of the situation. She will stage her own death and escape to a small town in Oregon that she has found. She doesn’t know what she will do when she gets there – other than stay out of the spotlight and away from her husband. For Parker Harrigan, Rainie is a confusing person. She seems to be a kind and caring person –but he can tell that beyond her bright exterior are a lot of secrets (and a lot of fear). He soon realizes he wants to help her and keep whatever is scaring her – away from her. But can Rainie trust in Parker? Can she trust herself as she begins to fall in love again?

Thoughts:Catherine Anderson takes the classic romantic tale and weaves it in a way that keeps you intrigued.

You don’t feel at all upset by the fact that Rainie is still married when she gets involved with Parker. I totally agree with Papa Harrigan in this one – that a relationship like the one she lived in is not a marriage.

While Catherine Anderson tells the story she keeps an undertone of religion and the Catholic faith that is not overwhelming but instead just a part of the story. It isn’t preachy or something that distracts from what is going on – instead it adds to the realism of the relationship. I am sure that many people had similar thoughts and discussions (like what religion to raise their children).

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