Saturday, August 29, 2009

Book Review: The Devil's Queen

The Devil’s Queen by Anne Kalogridis

Description:Catherine deMedici was destined to be a great queen – and through fate and her own strong will she becomes one. But her dependence on those that foretell the future is not something that many of her people will understand. She just wants to be loved. She wants her children to grow and survive like she did. But did she do to much to get the children that she wanted? Did she touch the devil? Does that mean her children are destined to have the mark of the devil as well?

Thoughts:I haven’t read a lot about her time period/reign before. I like historical fiction and this is definitely an interesting read. It is not dry and doesn’t include too much fact so much that you feel like you are reading a history book. But at the same time it does include enough that you feel like you may be really there. I wonder what drove the obsession with those astrologers that would predict things for the people of that time. They walked a fine line between helping and connecting with the devil. This book made me wonder more about Catherine’s children and the deMedici family as I have heard them many times in the past but really didn’t know all that much about them. Now I can tell they are closely tied with the rulers of that time period.

What genre would you consider this?
Historical Fiction