Monday, February 16, 2009

Baron Thinks DOGS Are People Too!

Children’s Book: Baron Thinks DOGS Are People Too! By Laurie Dean Illustrated by Kevin Collier

I have decided to have children’s books follow a different format. When they are illustrated picture books that are only 20 pages or so it is hard to answer the questions that I have for the rest of the books. So we are going to try out something new and see how we like it!

Things that I think stuck out in regards to this book:

  • If your children like dogs – this will be a great book for them. The dog has human like emotions and bonds with his children. In the end the boy and the dog are the best of friends.
  • I think something that stuck out to me as something some children could identify with is the fact that one day the Dad had to go away and be with the Air Force for a while. While it wasn’t something that was a main plot part of the story – I could definitely see the fact that the kids in that book had something happen just like your child – would appeal to them.
  • I love the fact that the dog has to go to obedience school. It shows that misbehaving isn’t something that is good for a dog (or a kid). Maybe something that a child who’s dog is entering obedience school would like.
  • The artwork is really colorful and fills the entire page. Very visual!


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