Sunday, February 8, 2009

Fire and Ice

Fire and Ice by Julie Garwood

What was this book about?

Sophie Rose is a reporter who loves her job. She grew up the favored daughter of a man she didn’t really understand (but definitely loved) – the famed Bobbie Rose. Bobbie is the Robin Hood of the Chicago area – simultaneously loved and hated – which definitely puts Sophie in a tight spot.

After quitting her first job because she refused to give in to pressure to out her father – she now has a job at a small paper that leaves her doing human interest stories – but they don’t pressure her about her father.

Her best friends since grade school are there to support her –Regan and Cordie. When something new happens in the news with her father – she starts getting death threats and attempts on her life. In comes friend of Regan’s Jack MacAllister. Jack is FBI – and Sophie knows to not trust the FBI.

Meanwhile one of the stars of a human interest story she was going to write turns up dead. Dead and in Alaska. Sophie wants to find out what really happened and in doing so starts a rollercoaster of a ride for her and Jack.

What did you think about the book?

Let me start off by saying I love Julie Garwood’s historical romances. I have many of them on shelves in my house (or packed away – a girl only has that much room for books). But I have read them over and over (and really am wondering if I should read them again so that I can post reviews for them – even if they are not newer books). I just really enjoy those characters. I love how they interact and re-meet each other. They just are books that entertain me no matter how many times I read them.

So this made me start wondering – what leads an author to staying in the same vein of writing – romance – but switching genres almost in terms of time periods and types of stories. I really don’t know. I liked this book. I liked her other contemporary work – but I love her historicals and wish there were more of them so that I could eat them up.

The first thing when I started “thinking” about this book was that. The second was wow – I remember reading about the Buchanan’s – I think I need to reread the book of Alec and his wife.

I liked this book. The characters easily could have been unlikeable (daughter of mob boss and FBI agent). They were both strong characters who needed to rely on each other. The plot was interesting and different and it was just a twist of fate that put Sophie and Jack in danger.

What genre would you consider this?

Contemporary Romance


Question for You!

Why do you think author’s move from genre to genre?

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