Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Home for the Holidays

Home for the Holidays by Lisa Plumley

What was this book about?

Rachel Porter is the stylist to the stars. But when she finds her number one client in bed with her boyfriend she makes a career ending mistake. In an effort to get back at her cheating boyfriend and the starlet – she dresses them horribly. Instead it backfires and she is let go and now has nothing.

So what does a girl do then? Go back to mommy and daddy of course. So Rachel travels back to her home town. She is really looking to just hide out. But Kismet, Michigan isn’t a place she can hide in. The small town wants to show Rachel what it has and she can’t deny it.

Meanwhile, Reno Wright a football star turned hometown boy is in Kismet too. He can’t say no to anyone and the whole town relies on him to help them. So when he is asked to pick Rachel up – he isn’t going to say no.

They have an attraction that can’t be denied. But what about Reno’s best friend who believes he is love with Rachel? What about Rachel who really thinks that the place for her is back in Hollywood?

What did you think about the book?

This is a fun quick romance read. For me I loved how the small town wasn’t just a small town. It was a bunch of people with traditions, relationships, dependencies, but mostly a joy in helping one another. I lived in a small town for much of my life and enjoyed some of the benefits and also had to deal with some of the downfalls (wow gossip can move fast). I liked that this book promotes the small town in the background of a love story.

Rachel is fun and different for the town and Reno but you still think they belong together.

What genre would you consider this?


Question for You!
Did you grow up in a small town or large one? What was your favorite part about it? Least favorite?


Andy said...

I hope it should be a nice book all about holidays... Thanks for sharing...
Noosa Resorts

Hudson said...

I grew up in a big town but my grandfathr left the family a farm in a small town so I had the best of both worlds and feel very blessed by it. Loved your review of this book. Mary Jo and Hudson