Friday, February 6, 2009

Houston we have a Problem

Houston we have a Problem by Gwendolyn Zepeda

What was this book about?

Jessica Luna doesn’t know if she is really happy in her life. Her so-called boyfriend doesn’t act at all like he really is her boyfriend. Her sister has moved on from being her best friend to being some guys wife. Her job isn’t really what she wants to do. Her parents relationship seems to have hit a rough spot.

So what does Jessica do? Consult her local psychic – Madame Hortensia. Jessica learned that there is such a thing as fate and that if she doesn’t do what she is supposed to (sorry plastic Virgin Mary) she will be in trouble.

But what does Jessica really need to learn to do? Listen to herself and those around her. Move on with her life and do what makes her happy. There are a lot of surprises out there for her if she just takes a real – honest to goodness – chance.

What did you think about the book?

The book was ok. I didn’t dislike it so much as never was able to get into it. I think I kinda always could tell (and actually appreciate) that the main character was very much into her culture. She didn’t want to really stray from it. It is important to have similar views and interests. With nothing in common a relationship will falter.

I think the other thing that was interesting but I just didn’t know how she didn’t see was a big scam – was the fortune teller/psychic. Even if she did have some sort of ability (which I am neither going to say are real or discount) the fact that she always had an extra to give her was a little telling.

I enjoyed the characters progression in realizing what was important to her and how she could get it.

What genre would you consider this?
Romance/Family Dynamics


Question for You!

Have you ever realized that you were biased about something you didn’t realize you had been biased about?

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Darlene said...

I've seen a few reviews of this one but I'm still on the fence with it---not sure I want to read it. Thanks for the review.