Friday, March 13, 2009

Everyone is Beautiful

Everyone is Beautiful by Katherine Center

Lanie and her husband have picked up everything and moved – for him. But life isn’t simple for Lanie – she is in a new location and has three very active boys to raise and her husband is concerned with his career so she has no help. Add to that a lot of stress about money (there is none) and Lanie is in a rut.

Lanie realizes she wants more out of life – but she doesn’t know yet what that more is. She is going to find out who she is beyond just being a mother. What are her hopes and dreams? With life’s complications going on around her – is this going to even be possible?
Things that I think stuck out to me in this book:
I love that Lanie's life isn't perfect. But she loves her kids and her husband.

I can only imagine how it would feel to have someone ask you when you were due when you weren't pregnant. She handled the situation like a real woman.

Lanie's discovery into what makes her happy is great. I love that it isn't easy. I love that it affects her relationships with other people - because that is what happens. Something has to go when you focus on yourself and for her it meant a change in her relationship with her kids, her husband, and also a change in relationships with those around her - making friends.

What genre would you consider this?
Family Dynamics



thewriterslife said...

Thanks for the great review!!!

Margay Leah Justice said...

I actually do know what it's like to have someone ask you when you're due when you're not pregnant. I had someone ask that when I just got out of the hospital with my first baby - and I was standing right there with the baby! So I just said something like, "I already had her," smiled and walked away.

Unknown said...

This has been such a greta book to travel around with at blogs, and I can't wait tio listen to Kims interview tonight

Kim Smith said...

Hey everyone! I am soooo in love with Katherine's book! I finished it in record time, and went out and bought her first one! Now I am going to be slllllooooowwww in reading it, unless she can point me in the direction of another one!! Awesome writer!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this thoughtful review!